Vivaris Capital, LLC Partners with Mainbridge Capital Limited and Orbitt Limited


To Create a Leading Trading Platform for Africa

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vivaris Capital, LLC, an investment management company offering multi-strategy hybrid hedge and private equity structures, announced today that it has partnered with Mainbridge Capital Limited and Orbitt Limited to create a leading trading platform for Africa and to commercialize technology opportunities.

Announcement of the strategic partnership follows on Mainbridge’s recent acquisition of a majority interest in Orbitt and the appointment of Mainbridge management team members Bola Adefehinti, Tunde Pampam, and Ayodeji Soetan to the Orbitt board of directors. William Hunnam, co-founder of Orbitt, remains on the board of directors to help usher in the new team.

Vivaris Capital’s VICAN Fund provides investors with access to institutional quality alternative investments with high-growth, high-return potential while securing their principal. Through this strategic partnership, Vivaris will work with Mainbridge and Orbitt to spearhead development of the Orbitt Platform into Africa’s first digital investment ecosystem servicing capital providers and users, ranging from private equity, structured debt, mezzanine financing, to trade finance, within a distributed ledger technology environment (including Blockchain). Vivaris will also provide ongoing management and business development support. 

“Vivaris Capital and the VICAN Fund are committed to investing in areas such as climate tech, smart cities, and sustainable real estate development projects that are changing the world. Our vision for the future is based on actionable strategies that make the planet a better place for all mankind, which makes Mainbridge and Orbitt the ideal partners,” said Vivaris President and Chief Executive Officer J. Christopher Mizer. Founded in 1998, Vivaris Capital invests in and acquires middle-market businesses in a broad range of industries that are leaders in their market niches. Its team includes prominent alternative investment professionals, physicians, environmental and climate technology experts, and global finance and business specialists. 

Mainbridge Group is a $500 million investment firm committed to realizing the vast business potential that exists in Africa and expanding the growth potential of these opportunities, across the continent and beyond. Mainbridge targets investments in private companies with significant operations in Africa.

Orbitt is a digital deal-sourcing platform focused on connecting investors, intermediaries, and companies across Africa’s investment community. Orbitt’s smart matching technology enables users to find the right investments, investors and seamlessly manage the investment process. To date, Orbitt has 1,796 users, relationships with over 300 service providers, 480 registered institutional investors and lenders, and $1.3 billion in pre-screened trade and investment opportunities.

“The recent acquisition of Orbitt is a key pillar in Mainbridge’s core strategy. With a total trade volume of $760 billion (according to UNCTAD) and an estimated annual trade finance gap for Africa-related export and import business of $82 billion (based on African Development Bank figures), the scale and importance of the Orbitt financial ecosystem is nothing short of compelling. With the addition of Vivaris Capital to our team, we are positioned even stronger to make a positive impact and to create industry leaders,” said Mainbridge Group CEO Bola Adefehinti.

“The Orbitt platform was born out of our realization that Africa needed an online trade and investment platform connecting the world with Africa. We are proud of the platform we created, and I am excited about the entry of Mainbridge into the picture to expand the platform into the fully integrated financial services digital marketplace of choice for stakeholders in the development of African businesses,” said Co-Founder and Director of Orbitt William Hunnam.

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About Vivaris Capital

Vivaris Capital, LLC invests in and acquires middle-market businesses in climate tech, life sciences, and technology that are leaders in their market niches. The Vivaris team is  led by J. Christopher Mizer who is the chairman of each of the portfolio companies and guides key strategic decisions and their execution. He also serves as the operating president on an interim basis when companies are going through periods of ownership succession and new management team members are being assembled.

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